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EduPlate is a platform for selling Microsoft Office classes and has an included web-shop, with classes as listed items. Visitors can choose between various classes for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and choose the level of difficulty – beginner, medium, or advanced.

Not only did we design and develop the web-shop and all of its components from the scratch, but we also created the whole visual identity for our client - logo, fonts, color palette and certificates that the students will get at the end of the class.

This is a flexible and modern solution for selling Microsoft Office classes, for groups and individuals, as well as information on where will the classes be held. It has a WooCommerce, Stripe and PayPal integration, so all of the transactions from the credit cards and bank accounts should happen at the safest level. It also has a helpdesk-chat plugin so the customers could contact the administrator quickly and get the necessary information quickly.

From the users' side: This is a simple solution to get informed about the Microsoft Office classes nearby, ask any additional questions and book a seat in classes of interest.

From the Super Admin's side: Fully functional admin panel for controlling the content of the website, adding new classes, editing existing ones, having the information about the students who applied (how many students, where from, for which classes, etc.), and receiving the additional questions about the classes to answer them. Admin can also keep track of the visitors of the website thanks to Google Analytics integration, in order to target the relevant audience better, based on their interests.

What we did
Webshop design and development, Mini graphic book of standards.
WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, Google Maps, Google Analytics,

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