The new corporate website of Croatia insurance dd Mostar is designed and built to reflect the strength and reputation of the Croatia insurance Group, which means a modern, clean design with "Less is more" logic and strong contrasting colors with no flickering content. The site is light, clear, and fast with the possibility of easy expansion with new features. It provides end-users with the necessary functionality in terms of information about the products and serves as a communication channel for claims and job applications. There are, of course, all insurance services that Croatia insurance offers with detailed information about the company, and ITO paid special attention to making the site clear, simple, and clear for the end-user, and we left out content such as promo videos and the like.

The company Džida d.o.o. is a renowned company that sells, rents, and services forklifts. The central partner of their business is the Jungheinrich brand, whose proud representatives are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to forklifts, Jeddah d.o.o. in its rich offers excavators, backhoe loaders, tractors, and in addition to these large machines also offers cleaners, high-speed doors, and hand-held robotic lawnmowers. Given the continuous growth of the range of this BiH company, there is a need for a website that simply and efficiently shows interested customers all the products it offers, along with the appropriate parameters and attributes. The site features unique design components and faithfully displays the recognizable band of this successful company, using its color palette and graphics. In addition to a rich product range that includes photos, videos, text descriptions, and parameters for quick and easy information about the characteristics of each machine, the website also contains a news subpage so that all visitors can quickly and easily be informed about relevant news. The site provides easy use and control of content for its administrators, as well as management of all machine categories and types of posts.

LAGER d.o.o. was founded back in 1987 in Posušje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) where the headquarters of the LAGER group is located. Lager Group is a regional leader in the sale of construction machinery and mining equipment operating in ten European countries and which in almost three decades of successful business has grown into one of the largest groups engaged in the sale and servicing of construction machinery in Central and Southeast Europe. Taking into account the long-term business and the stated range of products, there was a need to create a website that will easily give visitors an insight into the offer of dealerships, machines, accessories, and ten different types of services that Lager d.o.o. offers (some of them are service and rental of machines, transport, technical inspection). On the other hand, the site has a unique administration system with which it is possible to quickly and easily manage the content of the site, from the machines themselves, their photos and descriptions, to articles with news, references, and contact information.

FortNet is a website created in WordPress, along with which there is also a corresponding mobile application created using Flutter technologies. It is a tourist application made with the aim of connecting Herzegovinian fortresses from the Middle Ages together with Montenegrin Austro-Hungarian fortresses. In this way, the application combines the presentation of cultural, historical, and natural heritage with attractions, accommodation facilities, and eno-gastronomic content that are connected to the location where the fortress is located. The application also serves to inform and educate tourists who come to the area as well as easier to find other content to visit. The application consists of 4 categories: eno-gastro, active tourism, accommodation, and heritage.

The company Duga-tehna doo was founded back in 1990, and from the then small shop of paints and varnishes has grown into a renowned manufacturer of paints, varnishes, and facades. Over the years we have constantly expanded the product range for finishing works in construction, consumer goods, professionals, and industry.
They have always provided quality, durable and safe solutions to meet the needs of their customers. Given the long existence and loyal customers, there is a need to design and develop a site that will give the first click and visit an insight into the range it offers - color palettes, patterns, photos of floor and wall examples, as well as manuals and brochures that offer a more detailed insight into parts of the range.

Delano Millwork is an exclusive partner of the Maestro Group, a company that manufactures furniture, kitchen elements, stairs, wall panels, changing cabins, and custom doors. During production, they use modern high-tech equipment of world-famous brands. The website for this successful company was also created to order and monitors their activities through high-resolution photos, sketches, and graphics that run through the background, where the first visit to the site can give an impression of the company's business and services, and products. which it offers to its customers. The site exudes elegance and sophistication and fits perfectly into the range displayed in the photo gallery, where many products from the rich portfolio can be seen.

HelloNet is a presentation website made in WordPress technology, which presents visitors with a project to develop a broadband access infrastructure, through which 100Mbit / services are provided to end-users using advanced optical technologies. Some of the partners are the European Union, the ESF, the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program, and the European Structural and Investment Funds. The website presents basic information about the project and project activities, and also contains a section related to news in which visitors can easily find out about news related to the project itself. WordPress administration is known for its simplicity, accessibility, and speed, so controlling the content on a page is greatly simplified for its administrator.

Nobel Corporation doo is the exclusive representative of the German company Systeco GmbH for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. The company's policy is to advise and provide comprehensive support to customers and potential customers. The website contains information about the services and products that the company offers to its users and customers, from tools and machines to engraving and cleaning services.

Turnastile is a proud partner of the TiSO Global Group. Founded in 1996, TiSO designs and manufactures a wide range of turntables, pedestrian doors, emergency gates, and high-security guardrails. At the first entry, the client's website offers an assortment offered to customers, in a unique way where products can be rotated and rotated - "turn a style" in the literal sense of the word! Visitors can easily find out about the products the company offers uniquely, chat, which is available in the right corner, view the photo gallery, and learn more about the company itself.

Beautica is a beauty center that has been operating in Vienna for two years now, providing services classified into 4 main categories. When creating the website for this beauty center, the IT Department also did a subtle "rebranding" - all the design components on the page are also present not only on the social networks where the client is but also in the salon premises. The site has been created effectively so that interested visitors can quickly and easily find out about all the treatments and products that the salon offers in its rich offer, and how to book them. The site is modern, easy to use, and reveals the core business of this young salon, which is already very successful and has a large number of visitors.

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