Efficient digitalization of the driving schools business and online learning and testing process

Efficient digitalization of the driving schools business and online learning and testing process while easily monitoring the progress of each student is a necessity if the business is to move forward in the modern world. U-Drive offers an all-in-one-place solution for the driving school businesses that want to boost their efficiency in preparing their students for the road while enabling them to do so from their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. This software solution enables the school to manage not only their students and their progress, but also the whole school fleet, instructors, and financial parameters such as student payments or current debts, and thus be informed promptly of expected payments/bills to come, making it easier to plan ahead. With this application, students of a driving school will also have the opportunity to download learning materials and access online tests with the assigned access data. ITO also created a presentation website that consists of home, news, instructors and vehicles, price list, contact, gallery, online registration. In addition to the regular parts of the page, there is also a part where students would have the option to solve tests online. There is also an option where the website user can add all content on the page.There is an option for logging candidates on the page, through which each candidate has an insight into their basic data, method of payment, etc., and the option of Online testing. The site is made in WordPress technology that offers several different solutions and it is possible to easily add different content to web pages (PDF documents, videos, images, etc.).

What we did
Web App; Quality Assurance; Design; Website
.Net Core, Wordpress

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