Tasdingo Fleet Management

TFM (Tasdingo Fleet Management) is a software solution that facilitates the management of daily tasks of transport and forwarding companies and facilitates communication between drivers and management.

The TFM system consists of an intuitive mobile application for drivers and a web application with a control panel. The web application is used as an administrative tool for user management, tracking, and record of working hours, approval of vacations, delivery/delivery management, tracking of truck driver activities, data export (monthly record of working hours in Excel / PDF format, images, personal documents of employees, etc. .). The mobile application is used only by end-users - truck drivers who enter data on working hours on a daily basis.

In addition, the mobile application can load images of delivered shipments as well as documents. The application can be customized to the client's management process and can easily expand with new features. TFM (Tasdingo Fleet Management) gives greater control over the management of transportation units, helping to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the client’s business.

What we did
UI/UX; Web app; Mobile app; Quality Assurance
Microsoft .Net Core; Mobile App Development;

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