Practice Milicevic

Psychiatric office milicevic

Private Specialist Psychiatric Practice Milićević - Private Specialist Psychiatric Practice Milićević was founded in 2020. The practice offers three types of services: psychiatric, psychological, and psychotherapeutic provided by a professional team of doctors and psychologists.
For PSPP Milićević we have created an official website, based on the WordPress CMS system. Given the specific type of activity performed by PSPP Milićević, a site was designed that on the first visit evokes the warmth and cordiality of the staff of the PSPP Milićević, and instills confidence and security in its potential visitors.
Besides the official website for the PSPP Milićević, our team of graphic designers has made brand identity guidelines for the PSPP Milićević.

What we did
Design; Web development; Quality Assurance
Power BI, Google maps,
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