Federal Agro-Mediterranean Institute Mostar is an independent federal administrative organization of strategic interest for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Institute's mission is to acquire and transfer knowledge through expert work based on scientific and research methods in agriculture and rural development for the purpose of economic, ecological and sociological sustainable development of rural areas.

The Institute wants to improve food production, the accompanying food industry and the sustainable management of natural resources in a regional and European context.

The varigfasade.no is a webshop for windows, doors, and similar products made from different materials. The webshop is intended for the Norwegian market and it is built in the Norwegian language.

The shop contains a multi-step ordering system where visitors can choose products, dimensions, colors, add-ons, and certain variations through the steps.

With each step, the visitor gets information about details and chooses a certain add-on, which directly changes the total price. For ITO, this is one of the most challenging webshops in the last couple of years, both the complexity of the design and integration with systems that are characteristic only for the Scandinavian market.

The design is simple and modern, and the page is responsive to all screen dimensions. The colors throughout the website are kept with the logo and the Norwegian style.

The webshop offers:
- purchasing syste
- download materials
- chat
- references overview

The City Administration of The City of Mostar is an institution that performs the assignments of the local self-government, implements city policy, and executes Laws, Statutes, decisions, and other city regulations.

Throughout the year, The City of Mostar publishes useful information through news, tenders, public invitations, etc. In addition, to all before-mentioned assignments, The City informs the general public. The field of activity is not only providing information but encouraging activities of citizens in the prosperity of the city on the Neretva.

In the pandemic that affected the whole world, Mostar faced the challenge of acting on time according to unique procedures. All work was done online, focusing on providing information and materials on time.

The City of Mostar has recognized the importance of having an intuitive, fast, modern, and accessible website. They put their trust in the services of the ITO. Visual appearance is a crucial component of a website's success, and it needs to follow the rules of the logo and the book of standards.

The design contains the latest design elements that display all relevant information in their form. The website for The City of Mostar www.mostar.ba is one of the most esthetic websites with a great user experience and presents city news and information.

Tailgreeter is a company from Chicago, USA, for which an event management application has been developed and it serves for easy scheduling and review of the so-called "tailgate" events.

The app allows you to easily view and filter the various “tailgate” events you want to visit and purchase digital tickets for those events that contain a QR code for easier recording.

The application also includes the option of sending tickets to friends via email, and it also includes live chat in which users can easily communicate and exchange ideas and interests and a blog where you can read various texts.

The mobile application is designed to suit its end users - visitors and fans of outdoor events, who can organize themselves or visit those created by other users of the application.

Info Board is an IT solution that will enable better access to information and an attractive presentation of Herzegovina as a destination. ITO developed an application that improves and attracts further research and a longer stay in the area of the Ciro cultural heritage region.

The application enables entry to the location or destination and displays the experience of the entire destination Ciro trails of cultural heritage through photo, video and audio content providing all necessary information, facts and interesting details and they are placed in two locations, one in Mostar and the other in Ravno.

Info boards support opening the value chain to access local service providers. This tool created the basis for creating a Ciro smart track. This activity is directly attributed to the improvement and valorization and visibility of heritage sites on the Ciro heritage trail and the strengthening of the tourist offer, including new stakeholders on the Ciro heritage trail.

The Association for Economic Development REDAH has implemented the project "CIRO - WORLD HERITAGE TRAIL" which promotes cultural and outdoor tourism along the old railway line connecting Ravno, Capljina and Mostar. The aim of the project is to make an impact on increasing the number of visitors and improving the local economy, by creating and linking content and offerings along the bike route.

IT ODJEL d.o.o. Mostar
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