Kosaca cultural route

Digital multimedia platform

kosaca.ba is a digital multimedia platform that serves as the tool for archiving, updating and presenting the collected data on all facilities across Herzegovina, more precisely, the route of the Kosača family. Specific data related to micro-locations are presented through geo-referenced localities based on Google Maps.

The website provides:

  • easy navigation,
  • general data overview,
  • an overview of cultural heritage data on the “Kosača Family” route,
  • 360˚Virtual tour (3D experience) for the main locations and
  • short promo film of each route.

The website homepage features facilities across 10 main locations that are part of the Kosača Family story. These locations are Old Town Vidoški, Radimlja Necropolis, Boljuni Necropolis, The Fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, Kravica Waterfall, Museum of Humac, Stjepangrad Blagaj, source of the river Buna - Tekija Blagaj, Old Bridge and Počitelj.

For all the listed locations, ITO made virtual walks that can be accessed via the 360 ​​Virtual Tour section on the home page.

The home page also gives visitors quick access to facilities categorized by type (enogastro, accommodation, active tourism and heritage).

Kosača Family page is a place where you can find more information and photos of the Kosača Family.

When you visit the map section, you can see Google Map enriched with an interactive filter that allows you to filter objects by location as you move across the map.

Moving over to the facts page, separate pages are created for different types of objects displayed by location.

Through all the pages you can see the project partners, and choose between English or Croatian language.

The design and logo portray a royal atmosphere and fit perfectly into the whole story of the Kosača Family.

Special emphasis is placed on the website speed and information visibility which contributes to a unique user experience.

Here at ITO, we are grateful we had an opportunity to contribute with our expertise to this fantastic project with the sole aim of representing the cultural heritage of Herzegovina. The website will play a significant role in educating locals and those visiting these locations.

What we did
Logo, Website design, 360° photos for Virtual Walks for 10 main locations, 3-minute promo video, WordPress CMS Website
Google Maps and WP VR

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