ITO's Vision and Technology

ITO – Where your future changes with our present.


 ITO is a company that values effort & quality. Therefore, our professionally hand-picked team of developers and marketing experts is a constant which ensures further ITO’s prosperity.

 Our team has shown both effort and quality in delivering products. We have been striving for such

results and we have no intention of slowing down towards even better ones;

 Stay with us few minutes and let us show you what does it mean to let the ITO take the wheel.



 What does ITO offer that separates us from the rest?



 ITO’s sales manager, Marija Bagarić, wrote a few words to say more about the posed question:


 ITO is a company that builds long-term partnerships with its clients. We are guided by the idea that by achieving the business goals of our clients, we achieve our goals and become a reliable technological partner.

 Our partners achieve business goals through innovative software solutions, achieving efficient and effective business, and rapid business development.

 It is not necessary to point out what are the advantages of business digitalization, but it is extremely important to point out which partner can digitally digitize business processes. ITO is a partner with whom business goals are achieved faster and with better quality.



 ITO dedicated a huge portion of time to developing work ethics and discipline. Our way of doing stuff is sincere and genuine, providing clients with solutions and offers that are game-changers.


 Marija Buntić, one of our project managers along with Vesna Falak, have decided to share their experience so far with ITO and to tell you what is that what makes ITO that one special place which corresponds perfectly with the clients' demands:


 What sets the ITO apart from other companies is that we never take the easy way to meet the requirements. What ITO's members are constantly doing is adding value to the product. Experts from the technical department always think ahead - because trends and technologies change and improve every day, which is why our meetings in 95% of cases end with a confirmed offer.

 Every client that hired ITO felt enthusiasm that doesn't diminish as the project comes to an end. While the project lasts, the client is never neglected. The client is always up to date with the tasks performed in all iterations. After each phase and release, a meeting follows that confirms that we are on the same page. In agile development, there will always be different situations, and we approach them differently; But our practice and dedicated approach to each client and project open the door to new projects, if not from the same client, then definitely from his close associates and business acquaintances.






 The practice has proven that a friendly approach full of understanding for the client's needs is the most efficient way not only to get the client exactly what he wants but also to achieve a long-term partnership that will potentially result in more new projects. The client should be available for his inquiries and any ambiguities, which should be answered as soon as possible and in full. The client needs to be informed about the progress of the project throughout the project and present the results on time so that he can be ongoing and intervene if necessary. What sets us apart from other companies is precisely our accessibility through any type of communication channel, always with a smile and cordiality, so that the client does not feel like looking for something that is impossible, immoderate, or has any obstacles to freely express their ideas. In return will receive expert advice and guidance on a more favorable solution if needed. After the completion of the project, the client can expect continued support in such a way that, if he has any other ideas or wants changes to the existing project, he always has someone to turn to without any hesitation.



 IT was founded on genuine principles that resonate through our work and our acts.

 We have been grinding our way to the scene where we are recognized more by our projects, bridges we crossed, and the overall picture that we’ve been painting so far.





 What has been ITO up to so far?



 ITO started as a company of a few individuals, sharing the same principles and ethics that surround and richens their work portfolio. On such a foundation, many projects have been risen and established into our history, which is by itself a non-reversal reflection of our true intentions and the picture we’re painting.



 We work with individuals, private and public sectors. As important solutions created in cooperation with the public sector, we single out the projects Renata, Municipal, Redomat, and Carmen. With these solutions, we have greatly influenced the problems of the population by automating processes that had many omissions and shortcomings - from the regulation of car license plates and traffic violations to solving the problem of long queues in some branches.

In addition to the solutions we have brought for the public sector, we are proud of the many websites and web and mobile applications we have created for our many partners around the globe. Thus significantly facilitating their business and presentation on the business scene.



 If we’re to accentuate another achievement ITO has received, we couldn’t do that without mentioning that in 2016, the IT Department in Toronto (Canada) was awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the Public Sector: Public and State Security category for the Renata video analytics system (Less Predict).


 We’re sure that more achievements are hiding behind the curtain of the future, but our mission is not to rush there, nor to aim exclusively for such, but to redefine quality work and to have our work be our biggest marketer. 


 Does ITO fixates on software development, or is there something else? 



 Petar Lukić, our CTO, told us that we not only sell the coding service, but we as a company can contribute to their business because we will recognize their needs and market situation and according to their requirements, we will offer the best solution to implement their sales or problem within their company for easier business. Then we come to analyze our business, domain experts who can analyze the client's processes and make a solution and discuss and guide the client on the right path. It is our advantage to recognize the problem and instruct the client on how to solve it.

 Usually, the client goes to present his problem and vision of how to solve the problem and this is often at odds with the profession but this process is taken into account and then digitized.


 In the addition mentioned above, Petar added that it’s the right approach of listening to clients' demands and needs, and then met with our professionalism that makes the perfect combination of a successful business.




 What waits for ITO?


 Only that which corresponds with our demands and needs.

 Those demands and needs are just simply raising the bar with every project done. With you growing, we grow.


 CEO of our department, Marko Laco, shares his moto with the rest of the ITO and that is:

 Be always better than you were yesterday, but tomorrow, be better than today.


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