Euroll d.o.o.

Providing paper in every form

Euroll d.o.o. is a company based in Čitluk. Their backbone is the production of thermal rolls for fiscal devices, ATMs, POS devices, parking toll devices, plotter rolls, copy rolls, and thermal papers. Their products are used for medical diagnostic devices, betting terminals, and other thermal printers. Through a quality structure of business partners, Euroll strives to ensure the availability of its product on the market. Guided by this idea, they decided to focus on wholesale through their distributors and end-users.

The website contains a cover page with a video showing the production of thermal rolls in the Euroll production department. Also, there are product categories and an overview of where the products are used in different industries. There is a quick contact form in the footer for all visitors who want to send an inquiry. The "Products page" displays product information within five main categories. "About us" is a static page that displays information about and the vision of the company.

Euroll site is available in three languages: Croatian, English, and German. Our marketing team did the services of copywriting and translating.

The logo originated from two colors: yellow and red. Logo colors are shown on the sheets of paper and thus give a clear association that it is a company that produces paper for a variety of purposes. The book of standards contains applications for:
1. Business cards
2. Memorandum (invoice and pro forma invoice)
3. Folder
4. Envelope
5. Example of labels
6. T-shirt
7. Mug
8. Pendants
9. Schedulers
10. Mail signatures
11. Boxes for products
12. Product declarations

We did the wireframe and design of the site according to the client's requirements. During the website-making process, they gladly accepted all our suggestions regarding the elements and position of the content on the site; which resulted in having the website more functional, fast, and appealing to visitors. The next step is to create a B2B Webshop that we will make in the Woocommerce platform.

What we did
Logo and book of standards, Website design, Copywriting services, Website to WordPress cms, Video material

IT ODJEL d.o.o. Mostar
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