GUMA M is a renowned company based in Mostar and has many years of successful business behind it as one of the leading representatives of the well-known car manufacturers Renault, Nissan and Dacia on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to offering its customers a rich assortment of new and used vehicles, GUMA M also offers a large number of car tires and additional car equipment, and with its services of all types of service, they stand out in our region.

Considering the scale of the business and the constant increase in the number of clients, there was a need to improve relations with its customers.

The business will be greatly facilitated by the mobile application for users-clients of GUMA M, which is accompanied by the corresponding administrator web application for the administration of GUMA M.

The goal of this application is to proactively offer products and services, and primarily to facilitate the process of booking services to end customers.

Customers would have an easier view and review of the records of service cards. With this project, GUMA M wants to confirm its leadership position within the market and increase customer loyalty, expand the existing customer base, and increase income from service services and the success of sales campaigns by smart targeting of target customers.

The Shalom Europe is the project by the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) and our contribution to the Jewish community. It is a virtual travel guide for Jewish tourists who visit Europe's destinations. This App has a solution for the main problem of Jewish tourists who visit Europe; the lack of appropriate information channels for Kosher restaurants, hotels, Judaica and Kosher stores, synagogues, Jewish cultural heritage destinations, etc.

The application included all necessary information for all European countries in more than 500 cities. All content is customized with photos and information about all places that tourists want to visit. Tourists can focus on the main places and experiences they are interested in and get visual views at the same time.

IT ODJEL d.o.o. Mostar
Kneza Branimira 2b, 88000 Mostar, BiH
Tel: 00 387 36 830 003   |   E-mail: [email protected]
ID: 4227806200009   |   PDV: 227806200009

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