Shtela is an innovative application that enables easy browsing and application to various job openings through advertisements and competitions, as well as the publication of job ads. Our platform provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to post job ads and receive applications from qualified candidates. Additionally, Shtela is open to all individuals seeking employment, providing them with insight into a wide range of open positions. With easy search options, you can easily browse job ads by keywords, location, or industry.

Furthermore, Shtela allows you to view detailed job descriptions and apply for job openings directly from your mobile phone. Shtela also allows you to add your skills, resume, biography, education, and language data to better present yourself to potential employers.

Shtela is your partner in finding the ideal job and enables you to take the next step in your career. Take advantage of Shtela's benefits and find the job you have always wanted!

Euroinvest is a reliable partner for building maintenance with professional staff for all tasks related to building maintenance. With the successful development of the real estate business, the company expanded its activities and business form. Euroinvest is a company founded in 2006.

The application for the Euroinvest company is a software solution, created for easier and more efficient management of residential and business premises between the service provider and the client.

Web application supports:

Aluminij team is an internal use application intended for Aluminij Industries that allows the administration to easily communicate and provide news and announcements to their employees. It is composed of Web administration, Android and iOS applications.

This application allows the administration to create new departments and positions depending on the requirements of the company. The administration also has an overview of recently added team members and news along with a graph of all the team members listed by departments and upcoming birthdays card. This allows administrative personnel to add, edit and delete the profiles of employees and add news and select the desired audience (Employees and/or Guests).

The mobile applications allow team members to view their colleague's profiles and see their roles, contact information, acknowledgments, vacation info, etc.

The app also has an option for guests of Aluminij Industries to access news that are selected for them via the „Explore as a guest“ button on the login screen in the mobile application.

Efficient digitalization of the driving schools business and online learning and testing process while easily monitoring the progress of each student is a necessity if the business is to move forward in the modern world.

AS-Svetice app offers an all-in-one-place solution for driving school businesses that want to boost their efficiency in preparing their students for the road while enabling them to do so from their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

This software solution enables the school to manage not only their students and their progress, but also the whole school fleet, instructors, and financial parameters such as student payments or current debts, and thus be informed promptly of expected payments/bills to come, making it easier to plan ahead.

A student of a driving school that uses this practical application in his business has the opportunity to download learning materials and access online tests with the assigned access data.

Tailgreeter is a company from Chicago, USA, for which an event management application has been developed and it serves for easy scheduling and review of the so-called "tailgate" events.

The app allows you to easily view and filter the various “tailgate” events you want to visit and purchase digital tickets for those events that contain a QR code for easier recording.

The application also includes the option of sending tickets to friends via email, and it also includes live chat in which users can easily communicate and exchange ideas and interests and a blog where you can read various texts.

The mobile application is designed to suit its end users - visitors and fans of outdoor events, who can organize themselves or visit those created by other users of the application.

European Elite Business Hub FZ-LLC is a trusted networking business platform located in the United Arab Emirates. The hub connects trusted GCC and European professional entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises bringing you to a new success level.

The Client needed a solution – A web Application for business “Match-making”, where the Users – Business people (representatives of their companies/businesses) search for other Users – Business people, to arrange meetings and potentially make deals. The main goal of this application is to present companies and create valuable and long-lasting connections between businesses from the Balkans and UAE.

GUMA M is a renowned company based in Mostar and has many years of successful business behind it as one of the leading representatives of the well-known car manufacturers Renault, Nissan and Dacia on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to offering its customers a rich assortment of new and used vehicles, GUMA M also offers a large number of car tires and additional car equipment, and with its services of all types of service, they stand out in our region.

Considering the scale of the business and the constant increase in the number of clients, there was a need to improve relations with its customers.

The business will be greatly facilitated by the mobile application for users-clients of GUMA M, which is accompanied by the corresponding administrator web application for the administration of GUMA M.

The goal of this application is to proactively offer products and services, and primarily to facilitate the process of booking services to end customers.

Customers would have an easier view and review of the records of service cards. With this project, GUMA M wants to confirm its leadership position within the market and increase customer loyalty, expand the existing customer base, and increase income from service services and the success of sales campaigns by smart targeting of target customers.

Info Board is an IT solution that will enable better access to information and an attractive presentation of Herzegovina as a destination. ITO developed an application that improves and attracts further research and a longer stay in the area of the Ciro cultural heritage region.

The application enables entry to the location or destination and displays the experience of the entire destination Ciro trails of cultural heritage through photo, video and audio content providing all necessary information, facts and interesting details and they are placed in two locations, one in Mostar and the other in Ravno.

Info boards support opening the value chain to access local service providers. This tool created the basis for creating a Ciro smart track. This activity is directly attributed to the improvement and valorization and visibility of heritage sites on the Ciro heritage trail and the strengthening of the tourist offer, including new stakeholders on the Ciro heritage trail.

The Association for Economic Development REDAH has implemented the project "CIRO - WORLD HERITAGE TRAIL" which promotes cultural and outdoor tourism along the old railway line connecting Ravno, Capljina and Mostar. The aim of the project is to make an impact on increasing the number of visitors and improving the local economy, by creating and linking content and offerings along the bike route.

The Shalom Europe is the project by the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) and our contribution to the Jewish community. It is a virtual travel guide for Jewish tourists who visit Europe's destinations. This App has a solution for the main problem of Jewish tourists who visit Europe; the lack of appropriate information channels for Kosher restaurants, hotels, Judaica and Kosher stores, synagogues, Jewish cultural heritage destinations, etc.

The application included all necessary information for all European countries in more than 500 cities. All content is customized with photos and information about all places that tourists want to visit. Tourists can focus on the main places and experiences they are interested in and get visual views at the same time.

The company Džida d.o.o. is a renowned company that sells, rents, and services forklifts. The central partner of their business is the Jungheinrich brand, whose proud representatives are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to forklifts, Jeddah d.o.o. in its rich offers excavators, backhoe loaders, tractors, and in addition to these large machines also offers cleaners, high-speed doors, and hand-held robotic lawnmowers.

Given the continuous growth of the range of this BiH company, there is a need for a website that simply and efficiently shows interested customers all the products it offers, along with the appropriate parameters and attributes. The site features unique design components and faithfully displays the recognizable band of this successful company, using its color palette and graphics. In addition to a rich product range that includes photos, videos, text descriptions, and parameters for quick and easy information about the characteristics of each machine, the website also contains a news subpage so that all visitors can quickly and easily be informed about relevant news.

The site provides easy use and control of content for its administrators, as well as management of all machine categories and types of posts.

IT ODJEL d.o.o. Mostar
Kneza Branimira 2b, 88000 Mostar, BiH
Tel: 00 387 36 830 003   |   E-mail: [email protected]
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