Supply depo is an innovative B2B solution that includes product, resource, order, and store management. This solution consists of a web and mobile application that connects the distributor and the sales representative in the field with the stores they supply. An advanced reporting module is available throughout the process to help the distributor see analyzes of its sales and the efficiency of its employees.

In one place, you can use route management, resource management including payroll and bonus records, order management, product and store management you work with. With this robust system, you have everything in one place without the need to use any other applications.

TFM (Tasdingo Fleet Management) is a software solution that facilitates the management of daily tasks of transport and forwarding companies and facilitates communication between drivers and management. The TFM system consists of an intuitive mobile application for drivers and a web application with a control panel. The web application is used as an administrative tool for user management, tracking, and record of working hours, approval of vacations, delivery/delivery management, tracking of truck driver activities, data export (monthly record of working hours in Excel / PDF format, images, personal documents of employees, etc. .). The mobile application is used only by end-users - truck drivers who enter data on working hours on a daily basis. In addition, the mobile application can load images of delivered shipments as well as documents. The application can be customized to the client's management process and can easily expand with new features. TFM (Tasdingo Fleet Management) gives greater control over the management of transportation units, helping to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the client’s business.

Hardcost is a solution for the procurement of materials and tools for construction projects that simplifies the process to the max. The goal of this solution is to enable its users to find the best provider of the requested material at a certain time. Each project needs an unlimited number of offers to be sent to the suppliers while monitoring the status of your inquiries at the same time. Hardcost is just that. In this way, time and money savings are guaranteed, as well as the satisfaction of the manager who wants to find all the material for their project without wasting valuable time and resources. In addition to project management, the application offers management for project team members and suppliers and thus brings together what is most important for a successful business.

Agropin is the first mobile application designed for direct connection and networking (initially) BiH producers with processors and end customers,
i.e. consumers and then with the world market. The mobile app offers a handful of functionalities, the most important of which is the possibility of direct purchase and sale of domestic products,
from local producers, informing about all important events in the area such as education, incentives, competitions, and the like, and monitoring of weather conditions in the fields, communication, and evaluation
other manufacturers and the like.

Agropin in a simple and fast way allows manufacturers to present their products at application, stating which crops and varieties it offers, data on the beginning and end of harvest, soil area, quantity, price. The producer may also indicate the certificates at his disposal for a particular crop
or variety, and whether it offers the possibility of product delivery so that it can satisfy those customers as well
which may be remote from its location.

Quickq is a queue management software solution and consists of three parts:
• web application for administrators,
• web application for employees and
• desktop application for a queue management system.
The Qucikq system may contain the following requirements:
• list of types of users with whom the branch works,
• ticket print,
• branch attendance counter,
• back-office application for monitoring employee performance,
• reporting solution that provides management with insight into branch attendance through simple reports, and
• the average processing time of the request for each of the clients who drew the ticket.

- Increased traffic and public security
- Drastical decrease of corruption
- Traffic discipline enforcement
- Violation procedures automatisation
- Active crime prevention
- Centralised database
- Traffic counter

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