Apply for Project manager
Do you consider yourself to be a person that has the skills necessary for successful project implementation, and at the same time, inspires others with his behaviour and work? Do you have sharp critical thinking? Are you creative and inspiring? Are you familiar with software solutions and tools that enable a successful project? Do you successfully motivate each member of your team to perform tasks with minimal help and supervision?

If you possess the above qualities, we invite you to join us and guide the teams you work with to achieve the ultimate goals.

Required conditions and specific knowledge:

- at least a bachelor's degree in economics, information technology or a related field;
- desirable experience in project management in the IT sector (at least two years);
- excellent knowledge of English in written and spoken form;
- desirable knowledge of development tools in agile development methods;
- experience in strategic planning and risk management;
- knowledge of PMI methodology;
- excellent analytical and organizational skills;
- proactivity and perseverance in everyday work

Job requirements and skills:

- constant communication with clients;
- announcing project documentation and drawing project charts for new projects;
- receiving and supplementing documentation for new tasks;
- coordination of internal and other resources with the aim of flawless execution of project tasks;
- making assessments with the help of development engineers;
- creating plans within the development software tool;
- monitoring current development team projects;
- ensuring the execution of all projects within the given budget and deadlines;
- preparation of management reports;
- providing teams with information and resources to enable their optimal engagement;
- product management and product operational process support;
- customer support;
- exceptional written and verbal communication;
- extraordinary organizational skills with attention to detail and the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously;
- critical thinking and skills for solving real problems;
- tolerance to stressful situations.

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