Apply for copywriter
Do you consider yourself a creative person passionate about writing? Can you draw the audience's attention with your writing, and convey the desired message? Can you easily promote a product, service or idea by using words? Are your ideas original and well thought out? If you have the above-mentioned characteristics we invite you to join our team and work on achieving specific goals.

Job description:
- designing titles, headlines, slogans, concepts and complete creative campaigns;
- verbalization of thoughts and ideas for the purpose of marketing processes;
- writing and formatting content and texts for online and offline advertising media and
- identifying visual or content problems and proposing potential solutions.

Required skills and specific knowledge:
- literacy and writing talent;
- advanced computer skills and experience with databases;
- excellent knowledge of Croatian language in written and spoken form;
- excellent knowledge of English in written and spoken form;
- at least a bachelor's degree in language, journalism or a related field;
- at least two years of experience in the same or similar jobs in the field of digital marketing and advertising;
- excellent analytical skills (the ability to conduct quality research work by checking and identifying relevant information);
- excellent communication skills (to understand the target audience you should have a developed sense of humor, charisma and team spirit);
- highly organized and able to act on constructive feedback;
- an experience of direct communication with clients, in a team and independently;
- the ability to adapt to changing priorities and tight deadlines;
- ability to adapt your writing style to the target audience and
- proactivity and perseverance in everyday work.

Job requirements and skills:
- have an "eye for detail";
- be enthusiastic, patient and punctual;
- know social networks;
- have strong organizational skills with attention to detail and the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously;
- have critical thinking, and problem solving skills and
- be tolerant of stressful situations.

We are dedicated to offering a motivating environment and excellent working conditions to the candidates we select to join our development team. We expect employees to be committed to projects, as well as interested in research and learning.

We invite all interested young people to apply and take the opportunity to have a great start to their careers. We offer the possibility of further advancement and improvement. Interested candidates should enclose a portfolio along with their CV. Applications should be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

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