from farm to table

Agropin is the first mobile application designed for direct connection and networking (initially) BiH producers with processors and end customers,
i.e. consumers and then with the world market. The mobile app offers a handful of functionalities, the most important of which is the possibility of direct purchase and sale of domestic products,
from local producers, informing about all important events in the area such as education, incentives, competitions, and the like, and monitoring of weather conditions in the fields, communication, and evaluation
other manufacturers and the like.

Agropin in a simple and fast way allows manufacturers to present their products at application, stating which crops and varieties it offers, data on the beginning and end of harvest, soil area, quantity, price. The producer may also indicate the certificates at his disposal for a particular crop
or variety, and whether it offers the possibility of product delivery so that it can satisfy those customers as well
which may be remote from its location.

What we did
UI/UX; Mobile app; Quality Assurance
Flutter, .NET
RSS linkovi, Geolokacija Google Maps, SMS Code Verification
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