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Software solutions

Are you looking for a website that will meet all your expectations and requirements? Or you need a mobile app, responsive, lightweight, fast, that will take your business to the next level? Our software solutions department is exactly what you need.


Owning a corporate video is a must have of todays business. Your corporate video provides your clients and customers with insight into your business and your creative vision. Corporate video becomes your business card, your ticket to the business world.

Digital Marketing

We can provide our services in several fields of digital marketing: Community Management, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO Copywriting and SEO, Search Engine Optimization. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, let's get in touch.

Our history

Take a look at our brief story of success


Digital marketing, our third department is ready to go. The digital marketing department offers its clients: Community Management, Google Ads, SEO Copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


We have established Visual Solutions, our video production department. Now we are able to make all sorts of videos: Documentary films, Corporate films. Promotional videos and Music videos.


Our solutions have been recognised among the top of the world solutions in Public/National security segment. Toronto, here we come!


ITO managed to expand over 400%. Now covering Microsoft technologies and open source aswell. More than a houndred projects enabled ITO to be a place to be for talented developers and young people.


After initial IDEA to build Microsoft SharePoint solutions, IT Office recognises low market demand for brand name Document Management Systems and focuses on custom business solutions development based on Microsoft .NET. High market demand led us to develop our signature software solution "Renata" which was immidiately tested and implemented by Ministery of Interior WHC. Following this trend, ITO developed Carmen and Suzana solutions. which you can find more about in our "Software" section. 


Wish, idea, enthusiasm, knowledge... That was a successfull recipe to form a team to found IT Odjel aka IT Office.

Our processes

Three basic steps as a warranty of success

Research and planning

Listening to a client's demands, recognition of business processes and functional requirements.

Design and development

Establishing the initial design of the software solution and implementing the client's requirements.

Testing and publishing

Active testing of the project unit for the production environment in order to prepare it to be delivered to the client in its best version.

Awards and certificates

Efforts recognised in the whole world

Adria Security Summit

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